Life doesn’t always make sense. I don’t have a problem understanding why bad things happen to some people. They make unwise choices and unpleasant consequences follow. But when something tragic happens to someone who has done all the right things? That’s a difficult pill to swallow.

It’s in those times that I find myself struggling and frustrated. I want to understand and can’t. I want to control and can’t. I work harder and harder to understand and control only to find that in doing so I have less peace and joy.

But what would happen if I stop controlling and instead start entrusting?


* to confer a trust on; to deliver something in trust to
* to commit to another with confidence
*assign the responsibility for doing something to (someone).
*put (something) into someone’s care or protection

What would happen if I entrust that which I don’t understand and that which I hold dear to the Maker of the Universe? What if I relinquish my need for control and instead entrust my dreams, desires and my loved ones to the one who created and birthed them all? Do I not believe He is trustworthy? Do I not believe He is capable?

Queen Esther entrusted herself and a nation to God and went before the worldly king to plead for her people. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego entrusted themselves to God and entered the fiery furnace confident that no matter the outcome their lives were in God’s hands.  Jesus Christ entrusted Himself to the Father as He hung on the cross, and brought salvation to the world.

Today may you and I humbly approach the throne and entrust that which we hold so dear to the faithful One. May we entrust our loved ones, our dreams and even our lives to our beautiful Creator. It’s in the entrusting that we find lasting peace and joy.

He is faithful. He is trustworthy. He is able.

Unhindered…live the masterpiece!





One thought on “Entrusting

  1. Thanks for the awesome post! I struggle too…and much has to do with I have more than I need…and feeling so much less worthy than those doing so much “more”…so much “better” and with so much “less.” Isn’t it something? That we can be as ashamed with our abundance as we can be of our lack? Do I not believe that the Master knows what He is doing??
    A lesson you taught me years ago tingles again in my spirit; that God’s favor is a gift to be shared AND enjoyed, and that it is in (en)trusting God with our resources that the tension between enjoying and giving can be resolved.
    And so I will sit with this today, in my season of plenty, to accept that The Giver of good things loves to spoil me…in order to watch me not just spoil others, but to personally enjoy His favor. Gratitude, contentment, balance, sharing, blessing, giving, humility, unashamed…. good words


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