Surrendering Understanding

Who? What? When? Where? How? Why? These are the questions that spark discovery and understanding. They illuminate and bring clarity and order to our world. This is the vocabulary of dreamers, inventors, explorers, indeed of anyone who desires progress and advancement in life. The need for answers is wonderful. Being curious and inquisitive about the beautiful and the ugly has led to incredible findings and progress in all areas of life. The world would be stagnant without them.

But what happens when the need and pursuit for answers and understanding outweighs the desire for all else?

Why did it happen? Why is it happening? Life has taken on a form that doesn’t make sense. The mind tries to comprehend but is unable. There is beauty and there is ugly it can not understand. But it continues to try. Again and again it questions, always seeking answers that never satisfy.

Surrender. What if the answer is surrender?

There are some things in life we are not going to understand. It is in these times we have a choice. We can either continue our quest for an understanding that we like and feels good to us, or we can surrender our need to lean on our own understanding. We can either wander further into the territory of believing that we have the capacity to know all things or we can accept that we are not the Creator but His beautiful intricate creation. We can be prideful or humble. We can continue to take a bite of the apple or toss the apple aside.

How do we know when it may be time to surrender understanding? A life that constantly asks ‘why’ over the same issue without the budding of joy, gratefulness and peace is a good indication. Feeling distant or cut off from Love could be another.

We will never understand everything that happens in life. This isn’t how we are created. We are, however, created for a relationship with the Creator. It is in this love relationship and in His understanding that all the who, what, when, where, how and why find there proper place. It is in this relationship, surrendering understanding, that we live by faith!


Unhindered…life the masterpiece!





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