My African Adventure with Compassion International

A month ago I embarked on a two week adventure to the countries of Tanzania and Kenya with my family. The purpose of this vision trip was to journey to Compassion International program sites, meet our sponsor children and their families, visit with Compassion and church staff and celebrate mothers and small children enrolled in the Child Survival Program.

As you can imagine it was absolutely incredible. Of course meeting the children was a highlight, and the connection and bond we made with their beautiful families has made a lasting impression. Humphrey, Janeth, Blastus and Dickens: engaging and leading, thoughtful and loyal, joyful and entertaining, quiet and strong, each child uniquely created but equally enthusiastic about football (soccer)!  I just love these kids!

Witnessing the joy, pride and empowerment vulnerable mothers experience at the Child Survival Program brings joy and empowerment to mine. Women learning parenting, conflict resolution and entrepreneur  skills, and seeing healthy happy toddlers, many who would not have lived without the aid of this program, inspires and stirs me.

Meeting Paul, a kind, compassionate and enterprising university student and the small role we get to play in his life humbles me. This young man is a servant leader already making a difference in his village. I know the positive impact he will have on his country in the years ahead will be tremendous!

Unifying was the common thread woven throughout the tapestry of my entire experience in Africa. It is illustrated by the Compassion staff devotions we had the pleasure of attending. “Bwana Asifiwe!”(Praise the Lord!), said a beautiful woman as she lead us all in a simple song in her native language. There were no musical instruments, lights or choir, just her voice and a heart of worship and praise to our Father in Heaven. As the others joined in singing I was overcome with such peace and love. In the natural I did not understand the words we were singing but there was an unseen reality I was experiencing. With tears running down my face I thought about the passages in the book of Revelation that talk about every nation, tribe, people and language praising the Lord. I knew I was experiencing Heaven on earth. Love united us brothers and sisters in this simple act of praising Him. The language of Love always does.

Where are you today? Are you feeling disconnected from Love? Are the pressures and tangible realities of this world making you cynical and hard hearted? Remember, there is another reality that transcends our difficulties or differences and unites. There is a peace that passes all understanding. It is the reality of Heaven and Love that invade our lives as we magnify the Lamb, the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ in  any circumstance of life. It begins with Bwana Asifiwe!

Unhindered…live the masterpiece!!


Noah and Dani with their sponsor child Humphrey before church in Tanzania.


Noah, Mike, Paul, me and Dani showing off the Mausi bead jewelry Paul’s 96 year old grandmother made for us!


My sweet sponsor child Janeth at a nature reserve in Tanzania!


Smile machine Blastus, our sponsor child in Kenya!


Abby and Ronnie with their sponsor child Dickens (holding the soccer ball) and brother Solomon in Kenya.

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