Hanging it on the Wall

ArtPrize!  Downtown Grand Rapids is once again transformed into a city wide art gallery. The competition hosts 1500 artists in over 160 venues and brings 400,000+ visitors to the downtown area. It’s an incredible event that celebrates imagination, creativity and vulnerability.

Art expresses and reflects a piece of the heart and soul within an artist. Displaying the work for all to see places one in a very vulnerable position. Art is subjective. What stirs and inspires one may do absolutely nothing for another. Hanging the artwork on the wall exposes the artist to those potential judgements, comparisons and criticisms. It’s just what happens. Like many things in life, art is subjective.

Sadly, what if an artist is afraid of the vulnerability and conceivable criticism? What if this gifted one hides and keeps the art to herself? What personal blessing is forfeited when the masterpiece is abandoned in the corner of a studio? Freedom? Joy? Fulfillment?  And what if that masterpiece was meant to inspire just one person to dust off a deserted gift or dream and begin to create something meaningful once again?  And what if that something meaningful changes a relationship; a family; a community; a nation?

Is it time to put your masterpiece on the wall?  Your talents and gifts may be judged, compared and criticized by the world but never by the One who creates and entrusts them to you. The vulnerability may be scary. Yet, what if it’s in this vulnerability that life is truly lived and transformed?

Unhindered…live the masterpiece!

One Love.  The bold and vulnerable Dani Haverdink’s  artwork displayed last year at Artprize 2014! (Click on her name for more)


One Love in its permanent home at Radiant Church in Jackson, MI.


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