The Amazing Plate Spinner

“Draw your attention to the center ring!” The spotlights dart back and forth. “Introducing the Magnificent Plato!” Lights flood the center ring. He stands tall and commanding with a black cape and top hat. He waves his hand. The orchestra begins playing The Flight of the Bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. He lifts a white dinner plate above his head and throws it to the ground smashing it into pieces. He picks up another plate and gently places it on top a 6 foot pole and gives it a flick. The plate spins. He picks up another plate and does the same thing. Then another and another and another. Eight plates are spinning now. The first plate begins to wobble. He darts back to it and gives it a flick. The plate spins brilliantly once again. Another is slowing. He races to the other end.  He gives it a twirl and disaster is averted only to see two others nearing disaster. He whips his cape off and tosses his hat aside. He chases to the one and then the other. Both plates spin. The music buzzes on intensely. The crowd yells out as another is about to topple to the ground. He looks up at the audience for direction. He points to the right. No! He points to the left. Yes! He runs just as the plate is on its last rotation and once again it spins triumphantly atop the 6 foot pole. Amazing!

She sits and watches the plates spin. She sees her life spinning before her. Her spiritual life, church life, physical health life, home life, romantic life, work life, friendship life, recreational life, each represented in those plates. Somewhat surprised, she sees that some are spinning strong and beautiful. She is comforted. Others are wobbly. She makes a mental note and vows to work on strengthening those. She already has a few ideas that will indeed help. However, she is still unsettled. There is one plate, one area of her life, that frustrates her. She follows the counsel of the experts. She is faithful with the formulas. In spite of her best efforts, it continues to wobble and wobble and wobble. There is nothing left for her to do. She has done everything she knows but it still  wobbles. She ponders.


What? That doesn’t make sense. When a plate is wobbling you have to spin it. She doesn’t fully understand the law of physics but she at least knows that!

STAND! She battles her doubts. She gives in to what she doesn’t understand. She stands. She watches as the plate appears to be reaching the final rotation. She holds herself back. She stands. Her eyes focus. She is breathless as she sees the most incredible thing ever. A nailed scarred hand intervenes and the plate spins effortlessly and beautifully once again. She watches in amazement. The minutes turn into hours. It doesn’t slow. It spins. She bows under the weight of such Love. Her heart is full.

He reaches for her hand. She gives it to Him. The plate continues to spin. She delights and is empowered. She’s got this now. She releases His hand and spins the plate on her own. The plate wobbles. He reaches for her hand. She is humble and thankful. She begins to see and understands what dependency and faith mean. She takes His hand. The plate spins brilliantly once again. Magnificent!

Unhindered…live the masterpiece!

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