Natural Born Dreamer

One of the fondest memories I have as a child is riding in the car with my mom.  Having her undivided attention, I’d tell her everything that I had been imagining since the last time we were in the car together.  I began with asking a ‘what if’ question, at which I promptly rattled off my ideas.  My mom just nodded and listened.  She knew that I had a strong need to imagine all the possibilities and allowed me to do just that.  As I grew older, she lovingly challenged my thoughts and helped keep me grounded.  She called me her ‘dreamer’ and she was right.

The ability to dream and imagine come naturally to me.  This desire is knit into the fabric of my soul.  It is part of my original design.  It is a gift that I am continually learning how to wield and harness in order that it may be a benefit, not a challenge, to myself and others.  If I am not careful I can easily end up being a day-dreamer, out of touch with reality and never accomplishing anything.  Or, I can easily believe a  nightmare and live in a constant state of fear and anxiety!   Just the other night I had a dream that I was in college and it was time for finals but I couldn’t remember how to get to class because I hadn’t been there since the first day!  Ever have that dream?

On the positive side, if someone is in a desert place where her dream is dying, I have the ability to dream for her until she is strong enough to do it on her own.  Or, if someone needs help expanding the possibilities, I’m a person who can help!

What are your gifts,  your original design?  What is one thing that you are naturally good at?  Are you using it and if so, how?   Maybe you are having difficulty seeing your gifts because all you have known and been told it that they are challenges.  What would life look like if instead of comparing, belittling or judging each other’s gifts, we helped each other to see and develop the beauty, strength and uniqueness of our gifts?  I see a angry hurting world transformed by the power of Love!

Love purposely designed you with gifts and abilities.  You truly are an original design!  Yet one thing that is common to all of Love’s designs is the freedom to choose how we see, develop and use them; for Love or for self.

May we be those whose gifts and talents become the strength of Love!

Unhindered…live the masterpiece!

(If my college roommates try to tell you that my exam dream was real, don’t believe them!) 

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