Rum pum pum pum

Everyone needs a good gut laugh now and then. You know, the kind that melts stress, gives the old abs a workout and adds some depth of character to the face.  I got just what I needed when the non-profit organization I Like Giving sponsored an event featuring comedian Michael Jr.

This guy is funny.  Very funny.  What made him so memorable to me, however, was the way he intertwined Truth throughout his comedy routine.  He shared how God challenged his approach to comedy and the subsequent mind shift that transpired.  Where as before he would  seek to get laughs, now he simply presents his gift and gives the audience the opportunity to laugh.  He isn’t seeking to get something.  He is seeking to give something.  This approach has opened doors to ushering laughter into places where laughter is hard to come by; prisons, homeless shelters and child group homes.  Boy does this challenge and speak to my heart!

How do you and I use our gifts? Are we looking to get or to give?  If I am looking to get there is incredible pressure on me to perform.  I can easily try to control, make things happen and force the outcome. Ouch!!   But in giving there is none of this pressure.  I am responsible for just my part.  Now that’s freeing!  What is it that I am trying to get anyway?  Approval, recognition, rewards in Heaven?  I might very well receive these things. They may be byproducts of my obedience, but where is my focus?  On me.  If I seek to give instead, the focus and honor shift to the One who gave me the gift to use in the first place. He is glorified.

Present my gift and give.  Reminds me of the little drummer boy.  That little boy presented and laid his finest gift before the King. Then the boy picked it up and played his best for Him.  Rum pum pum pum.  And HE smiled.

Unhindered…live the masterpiece!


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