Who are you Jeb Bush?

Who are you? Simple question. Not so easy to answer.

Recently I had the opportunity to ask this question to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, son/brother of two Presidents. Many people think they know who he is based on his family. Word on the street is that Jeb is thinking of making a run for the White House. If so, I want to know who he says he is. When given the chance I inquired by saying,

“You aren’t your father. You aren’t your brother. Who are you? In a sentence or two, can you tell us who Jeb Bush is? Who are you at your core? What is your personal mission?”

He looked at me thoughtfully and  replied, “Wow! Now that is a great question. No one has ever asked me that before.” After a long pause he said, “I have never thought of that. I guess I do need to differentiate myself from my brother and dad.” .After another thoughtful pause he proceed in a lengthy attempt to answer the question. I can’t recall the specifics of what he said, but I did get the impression that he loved his family deeply and compromise was important to him.

How do you and I hinder ourselves when we aren’t able to articulate who we are? We can be certain that if we can’t do it others will eagerly step in and do it for us. We leave ourselves vulnerable to being tossed and swayed by every whim, popular opinion or desire of others. This can easily get us off the path we desire and are designed to be on. Then, one day we wake up and ask, “How did we ever get here!”

What would life look like if we could clearly and concisely articulate who we are? What comparison, anxiety and regret could be avoided!  What empowerment, peace and freedom could be released! Think of the time that could be saved, all that could be accomplished and the dreams that could be fulfilled!.

Who are you? Strip away the roles you play, the jobs you perform and the place and family you come from. What remains true about you? What makes you, you?

Not sure? Start with the One who created you. What does He say?

It’s a beginning and it all begins and ends with Him.

Unhindered…Live the Masterpiece

One thought on “Who are you Jeb Bush?

  1. Thanks Kirsti. Good challenge! … even for a fairly seasoned purpose pursuer! I still need to remind myself often that just saying I have, believe, or know something, doesn’t necessarily mean I live it. The answer to “who are you?”, is easy for the flippant responder, but for those serious about Living the Masterpiece, time must be spent with that question, our lives must be examined, and conversations with our Creator must be had. I am blessed, and incredibly grateful, to have had a good friend (she has a great new blog called Unhindered) call me out and push me through some of those hard core questions. Answering them in my head isn’t the same as verbalizing them…I could skip or skimp on the too familiar, or deep ones! Kirsti is tough, but tender…and I’m not just trying to flatter my sister in law, (I’m trying to flatter her AND affirm how empowering it was to work with her)!!
    I became free to say yes or no, depending on how XYZ “fit with my finish.”
    Having a mission– kinda cool.
    Believing in my purpose–that’s powerful.
    Knowing my mission statement by heart–pretty impressive, right?
    But having, believing, knowing? Ironically, there is no purpose for a purpose if we aren’t LIVING it! That, sweet friends, is how the world will know God…that, is Living the Masterpiece.
    Can’t wait to hear more! Do you have set posting days? I love it!


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